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Децентрализованная межплатформенная виртуальная служба для управления вызовами.

Расширенные функции обеспечивают: анонимный телефон, шифрование, маршрутизацию каналов связи, виртуальный коммутатор и другие варианты для бизнеса и частных лиц.

Кошелек инвестора обеспечивает управление собственными финансовыми средствами (контроль над финансами, пополнение счета, обмен, перевод средств).


Основная информация о ICO CALLBACK+

Категория: Интернет, Телекоммуникации
Страна команды: Россия
Юр. адрес: Russia
Подробная инфа: WhitePapper

Социальные сети ICO CALLBACK+

Информация о токене CBP

Тикер: CBP
Платформа: Ethereum
Даты Pre-ICO: 03.12.2017 - 03.01.2018
Даты продаж: 01.03.2018 - 31.03.2018
Тип токена: ERC-20
Цена токена: 0.0100000000 ETH
Всего токенов: 500000
Доступно к продаже: 1700.00%
Роль токена: Cryptocurrency
Макс. цель сбора: 500 000 USD
Валюты: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat, DASH, WAVES


Vitaliy Korepanov
Vitaliy KorepanovCo-Founder 
Ruslan Kuznetsov
Ruslan KuznetsovCo-Founder, CEO 
Dmitriy Seledtsov
Dmitriy SeledtsovSenior software engineer 
Bogdan Trofimov
Bogdan TrofimovSenior Developer, front-end and back-end development 
Aleksey Rudakov
Aleksey RudakovBack-end developer experienced in high load service development. 
Elena Kuznetsova
Elena KuznetsovaСommunity manager 
Dmitry Kashuba
Dmitry KashubaUX/UI designer and front-end developer 

Дорожная карта ICO CALLBACK+


July, 2017

Launched first beta version of the product on the iOS platform. - Web version (for desktops and mobile devices) - Changing outgoing number - Changing incoming number - Background sound - Switching Centre (is two subscribers connection service with the opportunity of changing the outgoing number (transmitted ID))


August, 2017

ID / (direct number) renting ID / direct numbers are available for rent in 50 countries of the world. - Random selection of cell sites at each connection, (the communication line and cell site is selected randomly) - Random incoming ID (dynamic selection of incoming ID. (all incoming numbers are changed randomly)) - Random outgoing ID (the outgoing call identifier is transmitted randomly from registration country of the main ID)


September, 2017

- Call encryption (beta version has already provided encrypted traffic based on the SRTP encryption protocol. When connected, the trunks pass VPN with encryption key of 2048bit in order to prevent unauthorised access.) - No geolocation - Incoming call routing


November - December, 2017

- Internal fund transfers between subscribers accounts (balance replenishment and fund transfer from one ID to another) - Crypto-currency wallet (payment is performed in crypto-currency, which provides anonymity of financial transactions. For the first time, crypto-currency provides real anonymous access to the service) - iOS app - Android app is about to be released - Messengers - VIBER


Q1 - 2018

Virtual Telecommunication Service (VTS) : - Decentralized call management system development - Increase of SMS gateways (number arrangement of a callback without the Internet) - Increase of direct numbers pool up to 100 countries.


Q2 - 2018

Decentralized virtual cellular service provider. - Free number and unlimited communication within the network. - Each subscriber will have free internal number for the network. (Free online communication with each other or in a group). - Call monitoring (creating a unique number for each advertising resource. You can download the statistics and monitor the progress in your personal account.) - IVR (interactive voice response) (creating pre-recorded instructions for incoming calls or advertisements for outgoing calls thereby optimizing the process of cold calls.) - Call scheduling (arrangement of a call at a specific date and time, selecting users for connection. Arranging a scheduled "False" call to a user. (Selecting who will call to whom and from which number)) - Conversation recording (the stored data can only be decrypted by the owner using the blockchain technology from the - Sending sms with a changed number

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