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Описание ICO Elastos

Новая блокирующая система с полностью децентрализованной экономической инфраструктурой P2P, которая аутентифицирует цифровые права, передает контракты и превращает цифровую информацию в активы посредством технологии blockchain.

Elastos занимается созданием виртуальной цифровой интеллектуальной экономической зоны на основе традиционной основы Интернета.

Приложениям запрещен прямой доступ к сети. Библиотека операций elastos предоставляет комплексные решения.

Децентрализованная экономическая инфраструктура P2P снижает потребность людей как посредников.


Основная информация о ICO Elastos

Категория: Блокчейн
Страна команды: Сингапур
Юр. адрес: Elastos Foundation, Singapore
Запрет в странах: Китай
Подробная инфа: WhitePapper
White List: Перейти

Социальные сети ICO Elastos

Информация о токене ELA

Тикер: ELA
Даты продаж: 02.01.2018 - 23.01.2018
Тип токена: Own wallet
Цена токена: 18.0900000000 USD
Мин/Макс покупка: 0.1 BTC / 0.30691 BTC
Всего токенов: 33000000
Доступно к продаже: 6.00%
Роль токена: Utility-token
Мин. цель сбора: 94 100 000 USD
Макс. цель сбора: 6 500 USD
Собрано средств: 57 891 200 USD
Собрано средств на Pre-ICO: 57 000 000 USD
Валюты: BTC, NEO

Команда ICO Elastos

Rong Chen
Feng Han
Yipeng Su
Hongjie Hu
Fay Li
Heng Li
Shunan Yu
Shi Jun Song

Советники ICO Elastos

Xueyong Gu
Xueyong GuAdvisor 
Runde Wang
Runde WangAdvisor 
Dadi Xing
Dadi XingAdvisor 
Ziheng Zhou
Ziheng ZhouAdvisor 
Joey Lee
Joey LeeAdvisor 

Дорожная карта ICO Elastos


May 2000

Chen Rong, a senior alumnus of Tsinghua University’s Computer Science department, returns to China from Microsoft USA and begins research and development for the first-generation Elastos network operating system.


February 2003

Chen Rong is received by Hu Jintao, the former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.


May 2013

Foxconn makes investments in the Elastos operating system open-source software project.


June 2017

Han Feng, Elastos co-founder, meets Wu Jihan, CEO of Bitmain, and reaches agreements for an angel investment of Elastos as well as the establishment of a blockchain credit union. The first Elastos technology conference is held at the Institute for Advanced Study at Tsinghua, where basic planning for the development of the Elastos Blockchain is determined. The Cyber Intelligence Economics and Block Chain graduate program is approved. Chen Rong and Han Feng, the Elastos founders, join the lecturing team. The Elastos Blockchain Project officially begins.


July 2017

The right to use Elastos’ trademark is officially granted to the Elastos team by the Foxconn Legal Department. Chen Rong, founder of Elastos, publishes Thoughts on the New-Generation of Operating Systems. The second Elastos technology conference is held at the Institute for Advanced Study at Tsinghua, where it is concluded that the main chain should be given priority in the next phase of development on the blockchain. The Blockchain and Operating Systems Group is established collaboratively by Elastos and Tsinghua iCenter. Meanwhile, Chen Rong reaches an agreement of strategic cooperation with Da Hongfei, founder of NEO.


August 2017

The third Elastos technology conference is held at Tsinghua iCenter, where the technology road-map and timetable concerning the four big goals and four small targets of the Elastos blockchain are determined. Version 0.1 of the elastos Whitepaper is published and the official website was made public.


September 2017

According to the instructions given by the leaders of the Ministry of Finance, Elastos decides to focus on development and keep a low profile.


October 2017

The Elastos Foundation is officially registered in Singapore.


November 2017

A plenary meeting is held in Shanghai, and the team reaches an agreement regarding the conduct of Holacracy management. The global public relations team, lead by Han Feng, is established. Elastos and NEO reach an agreement in regards to raising the banner called ‘Beyond Ethereum’. They decide to collaboratively hold its Release Ceremony in Silicon Valley on November 30.


December 2017

The development and strategic cooperation of the Elastos ID service chain and multilayered identity verification service is initiated. The Elastos public blockchain is officially released, but external nodes remains inaccessible. Elastos initiates meetups in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.


January 2018

The global token generation event is initiated. (excluding citizens of the People’s Republic of China) Development and strategic cooperation with mobile web applications initiated.


February 2018

The decentralized version of the Elastos Carrier will be published open source. The development and verification of the primitive model of the Elastos ID service sidechain will be completed.


March 2018

The Elastos global applications meetup and tour will be held. Elastos Capital, which aims to support Elastos application ecology projects, will be established.


April 2018

Interface specifications supported by smart contract and sidechains will be published.


May 2018

Release of Elastos sidechain whitepaper and Simplified Verification System(SPV) for exchanges and wallets integration.


June 2018

The Elastos ID service chain Open Beta will be published open source, supporting multilayered identity verification.


July 2018

Large-scale applications and projects which dock financial big data services and medical insurance will begin.


August 2018

The framework for mobile web applications will be published open source, contributing to elastos’ application ecology.


December 2018

The mining of Elastos Chain and Elastos ID Chain by external nodes will be open and accessible.

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