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Описание ICO Luven

Метод проверки методом LUVEN обнаруживает рак на ранних стадиях с точностью до 96%.


уже завершено 90% проекта.

Держатели токенов имеют две возможности:

  • получение части дохода компании
  • обменять свои жетоны на тестирование со скидкой 30%, используя или продавая их оптовым покупателям

Основная информация о ICO Luven

Категория: Здравоохранение, Медикаменты
Страна команды: Украина
Юр. адрес: Ukraine
Подробная инфа: WhitePapper

Социальные сети ICO Luven

Информация о токене LVN

Тикер: LVN
Платформа: Ethereum
Даты Pre-ICO: 12.12.2017 - 29.12.2017
Даты продаж: 14.01.2018 - 27.02.2018
Тип токена: ERC-20
Цена токена: 1.0000000000 USD
Всего токенов: 30000000
Роль токена: Utility-token
Собрано средств: 26 350 USD
Валюты: ETH, BTC

Команда ICO Luven

Alexander Danilchenko
Alexander DanilchenkoCEO 
Nikolay Shchukin
Nikolay ShchukinPostgraduate Student of Chair for Biomedical Engineering 
Aleksander Shchukin
Aleksander ShchukinNuclear Physician 
Galina Shchukina
Galina ShchukinaGeneticist & Cytologist 
Grigory Evglevskiy
Grigory EvglevskiyCTO 
Alexander Kamensky
Alexander KamenskyPrincipal Software Engineer 
Yana Ivchenko
Yana IvchenkoPR Manager 

Дорожная карта ICO Luven



Development ofthe cancer diagnostic method started, based on the study of buccal cells (cells from the inside ofthe cheek)



A cytomorphobiologial diagnostic method appeared which formed the basis ofthe diagnostic complex



Team expansion. A commercial enterprise promoting the LUVEN trademark was established. The software automating a part ofthe diagnostic procedure was created.



The diagnostic method was patented, completion of the clinicaltrials, creation ofthe software diagnostic complex presented at two international medical exhibitions “The 5th International Medical Forum” and “Health Care 2014”. Opening first franchise outlets.



In five months after launching a franchise, the contracts were signed with more than twenty outlets, half of which have already run tests on more than two thousand patients. Suspension of activities for a time allowing technology enhancement.


2016 - 2017

Software enhancement, additional clinicaltrials. Optimizing a big number ofthe system algorithms


September - October 2017

Preparing and starting a preICO aimed at fundraising for the software enhancement, legal costs and operational expenses ofthe project


January 2018

Starting an ICO



Further software enhancement, signing contracts with clinics worldwide for conducting clinicaltrials, opening a research center in Austria. Initiating certification ofthe method in the European Union and Eurasian Union



Opening 20 new labs in the European Union and Eurasian Union, incorporating a blockchain and developing a domestic exchange for token sale, working on the optical recognition of incoming images ofthe cell, creating a database of patients and their test results for monitoring tendencies and informing patients on the necessity of being diagnosed



Starting clinicaltrials and certification in the USA and Asia



Developing home gadgets (a home lab) for running tests on the entire family at any time, launching the product.

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