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Описание ICO SocialX

SocialX - это база данных блокностей, которая поддерживает построение сообщества и социальное взаимодействие с вознаграждением за криптовалютность.

Будет создана система вознаграждений, в которой вкладчики будут вознаграждены за контент. Права собственности принадлежат только создателям контента.

Цель платформы - облегчить людям обмен мгновенными снимками жизни и взаимодействие друг с другом.


Основная информация о ICO SocialX

Категория: Социальные сети, Коммуникации
Страна команды: Сингапур
Юр. адрес: Singapore
Подробная инфа: WhitePapper

Социальные сети ICO SocialX

Информация о токене SOCX

Тикер: SOCX
Платформа: Ethereum
Даты продаж: 14.01.2018 - 24.01.2018
Тип токена: ERC-20
Цена токена: 0.0001500000 ETH
Всего токенов: 90000000
Роль токена: Utility-token
Мин. цель сбора: 200 000 USD
Макс. цель сбора: 2 000 000 USD
Собрано средств: 1 916 465 USD
Валюты: ETH, ZEN

Команда ICO SocialX

Marcel Füssinger
Marcel FüssingerCo founder & CEO 
Christian Josephs
Christian JosephsCo founder & CMO 
Philip Hendry
Philip HendryCo founder & CFO 
Theodor Diaconu
Theodor DiaconuCo founder & CTO 
Cihan Topal
Cihan TopalCommunity Manager 
Oliver Nedved
Oliver NedvedHead of Design 
Dennis Henke
Dennis HenkeManagement Assistant 
Alberto Gareppe
Alberto GareppeDesigner 
Rosary Muana
Rosary MuanaFinance 
Robin Salot
Robin SalotSoftware Developer 
Roman Vinogradov
Roman VinogradovExchange Developer 
Ciprian Tanana
Ciprian TananaDeveloper 
Robert Corolea
Robert CoroleaDeveloper 
Mircea Badragan
Mircea BadraganDeveloper 
Maxim Bureac
Maxim BureacSenior Developer 
Manolache Silviu
Manolache SilviuDeveloper 
Claudiu Roman
Claudiu RomanLead Developer 
Catalin Mirza
Catalin MirzaDeveloper 
Andrei Siminic
Andrei SiminicDeveloper 
Andrei Ciocan
Andrei CiocanDeveloper 

Советники ICO SocialX

Raymond Ong
Raymond OngAdvisor 
Martin Zinn
Martin ZinnAdvisor 

Дорожная карта ICO SocialX


September 2017

After weeks of testing, we want to go live with an Alpha Version of our DApp which will include: Ability to register and have a public/private key generated Ability to add friends with approval Ability to have some public data and private data, shared only with your friends Groups Create a Group Request to join a Group Joining a Public Group The groups you are on should not be disclosed Encrypted Messaging Ability to talk to my friends live! Uploading with IPFS Photos & Videos Events Create Events Mark relation to an event “Not interested”/”Interested”/”Going”


Q4 2017

Beta Release Send SOCX from MyEtherWallet to my SocialX account Invite friends / Affiliate Invite your FB, Instagram Friends Filter by places Filter by top upvoted posts Filter by people Filter by tags Peer to Peer Payments Purchase license of images from Users See my profile in thumbnail view See my profile in a timeline See photos where i am tagged Governance


Q1 2018

Version 1.0 We have removed all the bugs, executed new features, and integrated feedback from our community. We plan several security stress tests to ensure that the platform is secure and that its key components are decentralized. Live stream Community moderation Change profile image Following stream You stream Popular stories (algorythm based on all upvotes) Follow people Like posts and comments Comment Edit profile Payout in digital currencies Payout in fiat currency through trusted exchange Reward System Quantum Resistance


Q3 2018

After 6 months of development we will review our Roadmap in Q1 2018 to keep up with the latest trends in Social Networks and Blockchain technology. Q3 2018 will have the first releases after our initial Roadmap from 2017.

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