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Описание ICO TravelCoin

TravelCoin - это платформа для финансовых операций в индустрии туризма.

- Физические лица могут приобретать TravelCoins с использованием других криптоконверсий.
- Люди могут обменять свою Мили авиакомпаний на TravelCoins
- Люди могут обменять свои очки в отелях на TravelCoins

Основная информация о ICO TravelCoin

Категория: Путешествия, Туризм
Страна команды: Великобритания
Юр. адрес: 3 More London Riverside, London SE1 2RE
Подробная инфа: WhitePapper

Социальные сети ICO TravelCoin

Информация о токене TLC

Тикер: TLC
Платформа: Ethereum
Даты продаж: 03.09.2017 - 23.10.2019
Тип токена: ERC-20
Цена токена: 1.0000000000 USD
Всего токенов: 42000000000
Доступно к продаже: 50.00%
Роль токена: Utility-token
Мин. цель сбора: 5 000 000 USD
Макс. цель сбора: 150 000 000 USD

Команда ICO TravelCoin

Emal Safi
Emal SafiDirector, CEO 
Jason Coles
Jason ColesDirector, CFO 
Tariq Habib
Tariq HabibExecutive Chair & CTO 
Pearce Nemeth
Pearce NemethStrategy Advisor 
Peter Nemeth
Peter NemethBusiness communications and marketing 
Lavi Malik
Lavi MalikFull stack developer 
Sing Tu
Sing TuReal time automation and security 

Советники ICO TravelCoin

Lavi And Vishal Malik
Lavi And Vishal MalikDevelopment Heads, Technology Advisors 
Pearce Nemeth
Pearce NemethStrategy Advisor, Travel Technology 

Дорожная карта ICO TravelCoin

14 Авг. 

Completion of ICO

Close off Travelcoin ICO checkout. TRV balances are available in your profile. ICO participants will be contacted directly for an introductory email and key notes

19 Авг. 

Release of travelcoin tokens to User Wallets

Travelcoin will reach out to exchanges even before coins are available for withdrawal to ensure a quick and efficient listings and distribution

15 Нояб. 

Travelcoin ticketing sales integration on website

After integration with major travel/vacation websites in existence our own travel website will be created using Travelcoin as a payment method. With the integration travel suppliers, Travelcoin will be put into use ASAP. We’re investing into our own coin and backing it

10 Дек. 

Develop mobile wallet integration

Develop Android, iOS, Windows app to check TVR balance and send/receive funds

18 Дек. 

Develop web wallet

Online web wallet on our website that will allow the user to transfer to and from the web wallet

04 Февр. 

Develop mobile wallet integration

Develop Android, iOS, Windows app to check TVR balance and send/receive funds

12 Февр. 

Develop paper wallet

Printable wallet for those who want a paper trail/copy in their hands. Perfect for older generations who aren’t the most tech savvy. Appealing to all generations is a great opportunity to ensure travel coin becomes a major player in the travel industry.

16 Февр. 

Travel "Pass Card" (Credit Card)

Physical card created with direct link to the users wallet for making purchases smoother

14 Март 

Rewards program

Travel rewards program that connects to our partners’ loyalty programs creating a unified travel rewards network. The more you use the more you get back!

21 Март 

Travel App for mobile devices

Development of a native Android and iOS app for users who wish to purchase travel with Travelcoin. This includes support for Android and Apple watches.

19 Июнь 

Integration with ERP and Travel Systems

Integration via APIs is necessary to use travel suppliers’ content – so in order to display hotels, flights, etc. We will gather travel industry communication technology standards and provide a platform to provide the next generation of online commerce

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